The core of your server

General Commands

Standard commands to use Nucleus

/help Shows all commands and info.
/settings Shows all settings and info.
Theres a lot more settings commands but they're subject to change before release.
Expect this list to be longer

Moderation Commands

Commands to manage your users and channels

/mod warn Warns a member.
/mod kick Kicks a member.
/mod softban Soft bans a member.
/mod ban Bans a member.
/mod unban Unbans a member.
/mod purge Deletes messages in the channel.
/mod mute Mutes a member.
/mod unmute Unmutes a member.
/mod nick Changes the nickname of a member.
/mod lock Stops people from sending messages in a channel.
/mod slowmode Edits the slowmode in a channel.
/mod viewas Allows you to view the server as a member or role.

Internal Commands

Commands to check the status of and information about Nucleus

/nucleus guide Shows the setup guide and tips for setup.
/nucleus invite Shows the invite link for Nucleus.
/nucleus ping Shows the latency of the bot.
/nucleus stats Shows the stats of the bot.
/nucleus suggest Sends a feature request to the developers.

Server Management

Commands to manage your server and members

/server about Shows the server information.
/server rules Shows the server rules.
/ticket create Creates a ticket.
/ticket close Closes a ticket.
/user about Shows the user information.
/user avatar Shows the user avatar.
/user track Allows you to move a user up and down a role track.
/verify Verifies a member to give them access to the server.


Verification ensures all members in your server are human, and prevents automated accounts from joining.

For more information, see the about page.


You can run /privacy to view and manage all data stored about your server

You should always know what we know and store about you, so here is the complete list.




Invite Nucleus to your server